whw 19.02.10

whw 19.02.10
A cold winters morning.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hoka Highland Fling - A fling to far...

Set out on saturday morning at 7am knowing it would be a tall order to just finish todays race, which in retrospect why was i on the starting line. As the heading says iv done the highland fling 5 years in a row and going for my 6th. So that was the stupid reason my toe was on the line.
My run was uneventfull until the 2nd last step going down conic hill, i stood on a rock fell over like a manchester united left back, looking for a penalty. Result was twisted left ankle/neck and a poke in the back from the step, a minute later up and running. So uneventfull till 26m and half a mile before the next check point and took my eye of the ball/ground and did a derek johnston in the box, but this time right twisted ankle and i didnt hit the grass it was heather instead. Its not often i have a sensible idea but i called it a day, got to the check point and passed a ambulance. Which i later found out that my friend ellen who organizes the race had went head first and injured her shoulder. So i was pretty glad i came to my senses and DROPPED OUT.
So this will be my last blog on the clydesdale harriers website, well it was taken off by the club committee on march due to some reason or another. This being the first reason for me stopping my blog for the club/ committee. Second the club blog is in my opinion a accident waiting to happen and with the club president seeming to be negative and dismisive of the young athletes running in the club over the years. I can go on and on but as my post says a fling to far and i believe that my time as a clydesdale harrier has been a year too far. I will ask the web manager to remove my blog and my letter of resignation will be in the post. So for a second time in this blog im calling it a day.!
I am planning to keep my blog running for my personal training and for self motivation.
Thanks for reading my blog and happy jogging...
Jogging For Jesus.