whw 19.02.10

whw 19.02.10
A cold winters morning.

Saturday, 26 March 2011


Awoke this morning and felt wrotten so my plan to do 10 miler went down the drain, so plan b was just to get a run done cause thats what i am a runner and not a man who has rest days 7 days a week. So i did the canal kelvin walkway and garscube estate through the forrest and home giving me a 5.57 miles my average heart rate was 176 which had me worried, till i remembered my heart rate monitor slipped down to my waist O GOD I MUST BE LOOSING WEIGHT better not mention this to the wife.
Total mileage 5.57 miles.

Friday, 25 March 2011


After a quick trip to the doctors to check i am not suffering from a infection and i wasnt, it was back to training again. Iv been feeling not that great for 4 weeks now and im sure i will be fine for my first ultra on the 9th april which is the Glasgow to Edinburgh along the forth and clyde and then the grand union canal. This race is now in its third year and this will be the third time iv ran it. Last year i did the D33 as my first ultra and decided not to do it this year as it involved a nights stay in aberdeen and i thought the expense would be better used in a ultra in england over a bigger distance like caesurs camp endurance run 100 miler.
Today i was looking forward to running in the sun with shorts and t-shirt. So once i got out at 1pm it was no sun but shorts on and long sleeved top with a t-shirt on. I was going to do a ten miler as iv seemed to do 10 miles nearly every day this week, but i had to do the school run at 3pm so decided with 43ish miles this week i would do a 6 miler and make my mileage to 50 miles in 5 days. Sound right if your a runner and daft if ur not. So my run was canal / kelvin walkway / garscube estate / dawsholme and along through westerton forrest to my house in knightswood, giving me 6.67 miles and 50.38 miles for the week.
Tomorrow im working all day on my day off, in the sculpta clinic in the morning and labelle forme in the afternoon so if im hoping to get a run in, it will be early morning which might not happen but well see.

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Ran from work to glasgow green then along the clyde walkway to govan then ran through the clyde tunnel to victoria park, then headed through jordanhill to knightswood cross then home. Today's run was at 4.30 and the weather was great it wasnt that long ago we had snow, im really looking forward to my first ultra on the 9th april ( glasgow to edinburgh) 56miles along the forth and clyde and grand union canals.
mileage total 9.85 miles.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Ran from my house along the forth and clyde canal to anniesland crow road and through victoria park and round the back of scotstoun giving me 4.06 miles.
Andrew was the only athlete to come tonight so we did 3+300m in 45s 46s and 46s. The running track was getting busy when we had finished with the spec saver referees and the rugby guys in the infield.
Ran home via the back of scotstoun to victoria park onto crow road to great western road and past knightswood cross then home giving me 3.81 miles.
total mileage for night 7.87 miles
Total mileage for the day 14.3 miles.


Ran from my house at 6am to work along the forth and clyde canal, still not feeling great but alot better than mon / tuesday. Total of 6.43 miles.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Ran from work down to glasgow green and over the clyde river and through the clyde tunnel. Along through victoria park and up through jordanhill giving me 9.57 miles for the day.
Once again iv been feeling terrible with another throat infection and feeling quite miserable, but will try to keep jogging for jesus and try to keep my miles up and try not to hard while running i also need to try harder not to be grumpy.
Total mileage 9.57 miles.

Monday, 21 March 2011


Ran from work down to the clyde walkway and ran across the squinty bridge and headed through govan to the clyde tunnel and headed to scotstoun for my coaching session. 7.45 miles.
Tonights session was a 800m session of 2(3+300)m. The weather was milder tonight and it was almost light when i arrived.
Ran home at 8pm giving me 2.55 miles.Once home i felt terrible it had been very hot today in the operating theatre and everyone was sweating and having run twice with no drink i must have been a bit dehydrated.
Total mileage 10 miles. A good start to the week.

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Had a case in sculpta clinic this morning and today is our wedding anniversary so cant get for a run today, so another rest day.