whw 19.02.10

whw 19.02.10
A cold winters morning.

Saturday, 22 January 2011


Got a phone call to do a morning shift in the private sector, so a second rest day.

Friday, 21 January 2011




Ran home from work today 5.5 miles and strapped up my calf to try and support my leg, i had been strapping up my leg since tuesday so with a mile to go i got a twinge in my left calf so  will take a day or so rest.
Totall 5.5 miles.


Ran from work to the kelvinhall to find that the track was shut, so that stopped the track session and so we decided to run from the kelvinhall to scotstoun leasure centre. This gave the kids all 7 a 3.5 and 4.5 mile road run the youngest athlete was 10 and i stayed with him till he took the shorter route to scotstoun with his brother james who rugby training after school and he was very tired, andrew the sprinter took the shorter run as well.
The cc runners of claire, rachel , roshen and steven whos 2 other brothers did the short run did a extra loop of 1 mile extra.After a quick chat at the car park i headed home with 2 miles to go and home early.
Total 10 miles.


Ran from work home along the clyde canal my calf started to get sore so slowed down a bit.
6.2 miles total

Monday, 17 January 2011


Ran from glasgow royal infirmary down high street and along the clyde walkway and cut along south street to victoria park then scotstoun. A run of 5/6 miles. Once i arrived at the track i meet 3 of my athletes just arriving and they are all brothers, so we set of to the track for a warm up and strides and a bit of a chat, while they were stretching andrew who is a sprinter arrived and he quickly warmed up. None of the athletes from the west districts cc race from sunday were training so the session changed from the 20 + 200m with 100 metre jog to a more easyier session of 12 +200 with a 100 metre walk. All the boys worked hard and didnt break sweat much due to it being freezing.After a short warm down the kids set off there merry way.
One problem with running to coaching is that you are constantly sweaty and damp so with a rucksack full of lightish clothes they are all  flung on to try and keep mysely warm.
So set of from scotstoun after a 1hr 15min break and ran the 2 miles home.
Total mileage 7 miles.

Sunday, 16 January 2011


Set of from the house and ran the 3 miles to goals on great western road to find only 1 runner going for the 4.2m route, this was due to the west district cc champs at irvine today and so with steven being only 10 he didnt have a race so we plodded through the puddles and had a good chat.
Once i had dropped steven with his mum i set out down through clydebank and along the forth and clyde canal home.
Total mileage; 12miles.


Did my usual 7mile warm up to pollock park and arrived 5 minutes before the start. After a quick change of footwear and a dry top i set of to the start. After the usual chat we set off i have been getting fitter through the festive period and was looking forward to getting back on the 5k road route. So with a unusual mind set i set off looking to run as hard as i can which i dont do as i get injured trying to run fast, so with a constant stream of passing people along the course i got to the finish absolutely cream krackered and was rewarded with a email 4 hrs after the race telling me i had indeed ran a pb on this course of 21min 46sec. So it was a hard slog of running the 7 mile warm down home.
I received a email later in the night from my old coach brian mcausland saying well done on my pb and that it wasnt indeed my life pb of 5k but a course pb so after some though my road pb was actually 14m 45sec from 1994.
Total mileage 17 miles.