whw 19.02.10

whw 19.02.10
A cold winters morning.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

SATURDAY 5TH MARCH (pollock park 5k)

I havent ran the pollock park run for a while now so with no work commitement it was up at 7.30am and out the door 4 8am. I have been trying when im doing long  runs to run fasted, so with just a glass of orange i set off for the 8miles to pollock park my garmin gave me 7.36miles but adding the clyde tunnel which i guess is 0.6m so iv called it 8 miles. Avg. HR 132 in 68min 51sec.

Had a 15 min wait till the start of the race so jogged a bit and talked to joe doyle and lindsay Mcneil for a bit .My last race here was my pb so with a niggle in my calf from yesterday i was just going to run steady. I normally go to the back of all my races but i stood beside joe and lindsay and was quickly passed by a few people, as the race went on i was running comfortable but hardish and i came to the finish speeding up to not let the person behind me pass " very unlike me now". So my mile splits were, 6.54 / 6.58 / 7.05. Avg. HR 162.
My result was 53rd in 21min 19sec. PB.

After a quick drink of water with 2 vitamin c tablets still getting over the cold, i set back home via a wrong turn in pollock park and ran 8.10 miles home with the 0.6miles of the clyde tunnel for 8.7 miles in 78 min 24sec with Avg. HR 136. So in total 8 + 8.7 + 3.1 = 19.8 miles for the day.

Friday, 4 March 2011


Todays run was decided by my son who wanted a pokemon game, so i ran from my house to tesco in milngavie and back home again. Total mileage 7.16m average H/R. 141.
Got a twinge in my calf so my weekend plans may change, so the nigel barge may not be happening this year.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Finished work at 5pm and it was nice to run during the week in daylight, ran from work to the forth and clyde canal home. Due to having a light run monday and rest day tuesday i added a loop of 3 miles.
Total mileage, 9.14 and average H/R. 134


Ran from work to scotstoun, then home later giving me 8.27 miles and average H/R 130.
Coaching session 2 (50 +100 + 150 + 200)m. 400m pace session.



Monday, 28 February 2011


All my plans fell apart today due to having to go to the dentist, so my run to scotstoun was only 4.17 miles.Which in the end of the day my legs were thankfull and my head was to i think. Average H/R 127.
Todays session was 6 + 150m with a walk back recovery.


Sunday, 27 February 2011


Did a run at 12 noon my legs were heavy, ankles sore and still tired, so this was just going to be a recovery run which it was, my heart rate was 180 the first half mile and my average miling was 11min. This run was almost harder than my run yesterday but im sure i will feel the better tomorrow.
5.51 miles average H/R 127.


Awoke at 5am and got all my kit ready for a day out. My plan was to get the 05.55 sleeper train to bridge of orchy and run down to balmaha, giving me a 40.5 mile run. Todays run was my first long long run of the year, so my plan was to run steady to the top of loch lomond and see how i got on from there.My first 12 miles were all under 10m a mile, then my next 11 miles were all under 13m a mile.
My next and last 7.5 miles were all inside 16minute miles. I had a stop at rowerdenan hotel for a coke and extra water to the finish. I arrived at balmaha at 5.50pm and the bus was due at 6pm.I arrived home at 7.45 pm and had a large glass of wine by 8.15. Used my garmin 305 and the battery lasted 9hrs 30min so will try my next long run with the heart rate monitor and see how long it will run.
Total mileage 40.6 miles 9hrs 24m 44s