whw 19.02.10

whw 19.02.10
A cold winters morning.

Friday, 14 January 2011


This is my day off and the day im a father and do the school run so got the kids to school and did a 6m run along the canal,  kelvin walkway then through dawsholm park and through the forrest on the switchback road home, giving me a 6 mile run.


The end of another week at work and my last run home, i set off through glasgow and headed to grt western rd for a dry run with no snow underfoot i dont normally run this way on thursdays but was just keen to get home and have a large wine, as i got to byres rd i caught a girlie runner and started chatting as i said i hate running along this road  so it passed by quickly as we chatted till anniesland cross and i wished her good luck for the london marathon.  Total miles 5.5 miles


I normally coach athletics on mondays / wednesdays and sundays this is due to my work where i can be kept late on tuesdays and thursday. The second reason was that running tracks are normally less busy these nights as its not a club night for most clubs. This means that the older kids can go to the tue/thu club night training and gives the parents 5 days out of 7 where they can take there kids training
So my sessions normally are done at scotstoun but due to snow and ice we have went indoors, so with 3.5 miles jog to the kelvinhall i met the kids for a session indoors, with the west districts cc on sunday i wanted to do a decent session for the athletes so it was 12 + 300m with a minute recovery and 3 laps (1.5m)outside as a warm down.There was 2 sprinters who were training tonight so they did 6 + 60m and 4 +200m session.
So of i went home running the 3.5m home, giving me 8.5miles in total.


Set of home from work to run from Glasgow royal infirmary to spiers warf where i normally run on the forth and clyde canal but it was still icy so it was with a heavy heart that i ran along great western rd to knightswood cross and home i really do hate running along this road due to traffic shops and pedestrians.
This route is shorter than the canal giving me a 5.5 mile run home.


Monday's consists of leaving straight from work and running to scotstoun giving me a 6 mile run. The outdoor track was still closed so we trained indoors so after a chat we warmed up and did some stretching and mobility. After the kids finished there strides i decided to 6 + 60m concentrating on different aspects of the kids sprinting. After a break the second part of the session was 2 sets of back to back 40m with a 15second recovery between reps and 5 minutes between sets.
With the west district cc on sunday the 2 oldest kids rachel and steven went for a 2 mile warm down and it poured the whole 2 mile. So it was a quick chero and 2 more miles up the road home.
Total mileage 10 miles.


Left the house to run up to goals to see if any of the young athletes would turn up for a run , with the young athletes indoor match on in the morning i knew at least 1 athlete would be coming "rachel". With my usual 3 miles to there and a snowy 4 mile off road run which was very runable. After a reasonable run and quick chat i set of back home for 3 miles back to the house and a total of 10 miles for the day.