whw 19.02.10

whw 19.02.10
A cold winters morning.

Friday, 8 April 2011


Ran from house onto canal and along to next generation centre and went into the sweat shop, had a quick look round and got 2 pairs of socks for cheaper than 1 pair out of achilles heel and i was served straight away and the chap serving was very helpfull and its close to my house. So need to remember to go to the sweat shop rather than achilles heel, who are taking advantage of folk just wanting running shoes and leaving with a big credit card bill or even a new morgage.

Spent this morning getting my drinks ready for tomorrow, there is 5 check points and so iv got 5 sis drinks ready with 5 gels to take. Food wise i will be taking my no brainer rice puddings at each check point and a bar of choc at each check point. I certainly wont take everything at the check pionts but at least its there if i want it. Most important thing for tomorow is the £5 in my bum bag to get a pint at the finish and unlike last year where i kept thinking for 56 miles a nice cold pint of guinness and was served a warm pint i will go for a glass of magners with ice. So heres hoping for a nice day tomorow and lots of interesting people to talk to and not to many dogs, people cycling and walkers with prams.
Good luck to everyone who is racing at the weekend !

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Got a phone call to ask if id work today in the afternoon in the harley medical group to do a vasor, as suzanne was taking the kids to a friends for lunch i decided to work. So as usual if im working i run to work and run back as well. The sun was shining and i left the house for 1.30pm i ran along the forth and clyde canal onto the kelvin walkway and stopped off to get a new pair of socks and some gels for my race on saturday. So i stopped of at achilles heel and had to wait 5 minutes to be ripped off for 11 pounds for a pair of socks, while i waited for my hard earned money to be passed on the place was jumping with people talking about running shoes and being natural or pronator or as i heard a chap say "well your feet arent slapping," all i can say is i hope the people in the shop all have good jobs cause i couldnt afford a pair of shoes out of there. I really dont see the point of someone paying £80 to £100 for a pair of shoes that they will wear for 10 to 20 miles a week in the summer.
I have this week invested in 3 pairs of new shoes 1 pair from sports direct £48 for a pair of cumulus 12, cheapest price on the internet and 2 pairs of shoes from mnm direct costing £55. Now im trying to decide which pair to wear on saturday but maybe i should have asked someone in achilles heel and they may have got me to buy a pair of high mileage top of the range trainers, cause im running 56 miles on saturday. Well having worn the 3 pairs iv decided to wear the cheapest pair cause they feel the best for the canal and for me, so maybe im old fashioned but when i run i just bloody run and god willing i get to the end of the race and i might have a couple of pounds left in my pocket cause i never bought my shoes out of achilles heel other wise known as DAY LIGHT ROBBERS and i can afford a pint at the end of my run.
So ran 5.5m to charing cross and back 5.9 miles
Total mileage 11.39 miles.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Organized coaching to be at 10am today so set off at 9.30 and ran to coaching at scotstoun. Andrew was the only athlete that i expected and once id arrived he had already warmed up and done his strides. There was a athletics camp on inside so we went out and did some drills outside, then took a break and went indoors. We had decided to do sprint starts so did 6 + 20m. After a talk about everything it was 11amand time for me to run home again. Luckily the rain/wind had stopped so it wasnt too bud running home.
Total mileage 2.83 and 3.83 giving me 6.66 m.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Due to being on holiday this week and getting a niggle in my left calf (again). I have taken the day off my main aim this year is to run a sub 26 hr westhighland way in june the 18th so i will try to keep my mileage at 75ish miles a week till then.

Monday, 4 April 2011


Im on a weeks holiday this week so spent the day with the family and ran to coaching and back, my calf was sore today so 2 races in a weekend wasnt a good idea, but i did enjoy it.
Roshen, claire and james did 2(4 +200)m. With the 2 andrews and mark did 100/200/300m + 2 sets.
Total mileage 6.1 miles.

Sunday, 3 April 2011


Did the six stage relays today i was the last runner in the b team, i was happy to just finish the race with no injuries so objective 1 completed. Average mile pace 7.02 for the race so faster today than the 5k yesterday 7.04 with double the distance and a bit windy today so happy with today. Total mileage 12.08
Weekly mileage. 74.54 miles.