whw 19.02.10

whw 19.02.10
A cold winters morning.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Ran from my house to scotstoun to take my coaching session, i left my house at 6.30 and ran the 3k to the track and 3k back giving me a total of 6k for the night.Tonights session consisted of 4 (4+40)m with 5min rec. Tonight my merry men consisted of james/andrew and mark all brothers and david, the session went well with the usual long recovery that sprinters like.
My average hr was 135 and max was 146.


Went for my run at midday today, i went onto the forth and clyde canal and ran to maryhill locks and turned right onto the kelvin walkway. Once on the kelvin i headed to garscube estate and ran through my usual loop that takes me to the river edge and a skip through into dawsholme park and ran to the switchback rd and through the forrest to westerton station and over the canal and half a mile to my house.Weather was dry but wet underfoot.
total distance 10.74km ( max hr-164 / average 145 / total ascent 356 /descent 359 )
Time 58min 17 sec

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Finished work today with knowing im off tomorrow for my sons lewis 11th birthday so i ran with a work colleague down high street to the clyde walkway and ran to the bell bridge, we turned to run through govan to the southern general hospital and said chero to my friend. I headed through the clyde tunnel and along crow rd to anniesland cross then headed along grt western rd to my house. Tonights weather was mild and dry.
Total mileage 9.2 miles   (average hr 129, max 149,  ascent 464 and descent 488m.)


Ran from GRI to spiers-warf along the forth and clyde canal to maryhill rd , turned down queen margaret drive and along great western rd to anniesland cross, then along to scotstoun. 6.7 mile.
Coaching session tonight consisted of 4 (200/300/400)m with a 100m recovery. The weather at scotstoun was very very cold so after the session most bodies went inside for some heat and a bit of bouncing on the high jump mats - kids will be kids. With my body temp freezing and walking like john wayne i started my jog home and decided to add a extra half mile.
Total mileage 9.5 miles  ( average hr 126 , max 143, ascent 432 and descent 438.)

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Ran from law village down law-rd end to the clyde walkway turned left and headed towards lanark it was very wet and muddy. I had intended to run to the falls of lanark and follow the route of the clyde stride. The falls were wonderfull the weather awfull so it was 13.1 miles to the finish of the stride, so i set back to law missing out the extra loop of the finish and running back giving me 25.6 miles.
( average hr 130, max 158, ascent 1872m and descent 1867m.) 




Did a 10.3 mile loop through anniesland - bearsden - faifley - grt western rd. The weather at lunch time was a bit windy, so set out to do a steady run. My new garmin 305 had arrived and so it was being test driven today.Felt as though i struggled during this run but once i got home i realized that this was alot faster than i intended so the wind is being blamed for that.
 Total 10.4 miles. (average hr 150 and max 170 ).
Time. 1hr 25m 24sec.


Ran from work to spiers-warf and forth and clyde canal, the weather was terrible and so was just happy to get 6.2 miles run home after a hard week at work and get a well deserved large red wine.
Total miles 6.2 miles