whw 19.02.10

whw 19.02.10
A cold winters morning.

Friday, 30 December 2011


Day off today, so went out for run at 2pm 10.4miles. Weather was wet, but at least no wind.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


AM. Ran to work this morning giving me 6.44 miles. Felt like crap but it was 6am.

PM. Ran home from work, legs were tired, i was tired and i ran home into a head wind, 6.44 miles.

 Total 12.8  miles.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Did 10.25 miles today.
Ran from my mums to old kilpatrick and then along grt western road. Felt like crap the last 4 miles.


Did a 7.2 miles run.
 Felt awfull and looked a bit like biffa bacon.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Ran from glasgow royal infirmary to whitecrook, giving me a 7.2 miles run. Weather was not great, but then iv only got 2 days to work and then im off till after christmas.

Monday, 12 December 2011


Ran to kelvinhall from work tonight, it was very wet. 6.5 miles
Ran home from kelvinhall 4 miles.

Sunday, 11 December 2011


A busy day with the family and getting ready for christmas.
Today i ran home after visiting my mum in clydebank. 4 miles.
Total Weeks Mileage. 42 miles.

Not bad for my first week back training, maybe thats why iv been grumpy all week !

Saturday, 10 December 2011


Went for a run at lunch time with derek, we did 5.5miles off road, so was muddy and hard. I was breathing through every orafice in my body the last half mile. Happy with my run and happy with my first week back training.

Friday, 9 December 2011


Today i ran home from my mums house in clydebank, only giving me 4.5 miles, but a run is a run.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Ran home from work along the forth and clyde. This gave me 6.5 miles for the day.
Good old NHS a red alert and i managed to get away 5 minutes early !
CommentS, a bit windy tonight, though the best thing was no snow or ice.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Ran from work to clydebank tonight, underfoot conditions were horrible, but i didnt fall and managed to get in another 7.5 miles done.

Monday, 5 December 2011


Ran home from work today with a friend from work, so ran a bit too far for my first run back. But hey ho its what i just love doing.
Mileage 8.5 miles

Good news today, was i have a place in next years west highland way race !

Saturday, 1 October 2011


Today i watched liverpool beat everton on sky tv, then i went to run round the McAndrew relays course. The weather was miserable and so was the race. Not much else to say except i ran 10.4 miles on the road and got a sore back for my troubles.


Ran home from work at 5.30 pm was feeling ok untill i swollowed a large insect and spent the next 10 minutes throwing up with the offending insect still in my throat.
Total miles. 6.4m

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Today i ran to work in the morning along the canal to glasgow royal infirmary or as i call it the deep dark hole. So 7am and a morning run of 6.2 miles.

6pm. Ran from the deep dark hole to my mums house via the clyde walk/way to dumbarton rd, then whitecrook. Total 8.2 miles.

Monday, 26 September 2011


Off work today, but my legs are sore, so did 5.6 mile run along the canal kelvin walkway and through garscube estate.


Today i was worling in sculpta in the morning so ran to charring cross via canal and kelvin walkway giving me a morning run of 5.1 miles.

I finished work at 12 noon so ran back along kelvin walkway. canal to my mums house in clydebank. Giving me a afternoon run of 7.3 miles.

Total mileage. 12.5 miles.
Weeks mileage.  39.56 miles.


Today i went for a run with derek 5.6 miles.


Ran home from work 6.5 miles.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Ran to scotstoun and coached indoors tonight. The weather turned quite nasty as i left to run home with a real heavy shower.
Total Mileage. 8.5 miles.

Monday, 19 September 2011


Today i ran to scotstoun and home after the kids session. The weather had turned wet and not nice. The session was 12 + 200m.
Total mileage. 8.3 miles.

Monday, 12 September 2011


I was back to work today so back to a normal routine. So ran to scotstoun and had a quick session as the weather was pretty bad. Ran home in the dark, the winter is quickly coming.
Total Mileage. 10.3 miles.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I ran to scotstoun and back tonight giving me a total of 5.5 miles. I feel alot better this week, but still not grea,t so will just jog a bit and aim for proper training next week.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


I havent ran since wednesday, i have been quite unwell and am looking to start jogging tomorrow.
Well done to mo farah in the 5000m today, he held his bottle and raced the race very well. It was good that they mentioned that it was a team plan over 10 years to make him world champion. Athletes arent made in a year, we are matured like a good wine or whisky. I did like the british flag with " fly mo."
Happy running to everyone.

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Tonights session was a down the clock of  2(250/200/150/100)m. I ran to and back from coaching im feeling quite unwell so it was the quickest route to scotstoun and back.
Total mileage. 4m

Monday, 29 August 2011


Tonight at training david/rachael/mark and claire were all at training. With the club champs tomorrow, we made it a light session of 4+200m differentials with everyone working well and looking good.
I ran to and from coaching, but still struggling with my cold.
Total mileage. 4.8miles.


Ran to my mums and back after doing a bit of painting. My chest was ok but i kept coughing a fair bit but its been done and dusted and its only 2.5m run to her house.
Total mileage. 5.1miles.

Sunday, 28 August 2011


Rest Day.

Still got man flu.

Why o why did mo farrah go at 500m to go, when he had the race won. We can only say that his bottle went and didnt have the self belief that he was good enough to beat them in the last lap. Hes looking good for london though. Brilliant news that Mr BOLT lived up to his name and bolted out the blocks and missed the rest of the race. Cant say i like the guy but im glad that someone else won the world champs 100m race.

Friday, 26 August 2011


My daughter has kindly given me her cold, felt awfull all day and sore head must be (man flu).
Rest Day.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


My pain in the arse/back is still there so taking a day off, as the pain was moving down my leg. The last time this happened i kept training and had a limp for a year. So rest day !

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Was coaching at scotstoun tonight did a sprint session with claire and caitlin. Ran to scotstoun 1.9m and 1.9m back. My back was sore every step tonight. I really enjoyed tonight, i was only coaching 2 people and the sun was shining.
Total mileage. 5.2 miles.


Was at my mothers house doing a bit of painting with derek. I ran home 2.52miles home, with a limp because of sciatic pain.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Ran to my mums. did a bit of painting and then ran home.
Now got sciatic pain in my back due to painting and going up/ down ladders.
Total mileage. 5.11 m.


Today i made the decision to pull out of next weeks race to be honest my heart just wouldnt be in it and the thought of being at the race on my own with no back up just makes the weekend a no go. So will just run and might aim for the relays instead. I have always enjoyed doing these races so im quite looking forward to them.

Monday, 22 August 2011


Today i ran to my mums house and did a bit of painting. I left at 2pm and ran home to do the school run. Managed 2.9 and 2.6 mile runs.
Coaching - ran to coaching and back 1.9 and 2.2 miles.
Total mileage 9.56m.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


Today is the end of my sitting on my arse and feeling sorry for myself. Im planing on running tomorrow and getting a bit of exercise. My father passed away on the 11th august and i havent ran since then so its back to jogging for jesus and try to get some runs before the G24 hr race. Im still not sure if i will do this race as my heart isnt in ,but i will see how it goes.

Thursday, 11 August 2011


Today me and derek ran from my house and ran 7.34 miles. The rain stayed away for the whole run.
Total Mileage. 7.34 miles.


Sorry to anyone i missed on contacting, as my coaching session tonight had to be cancelled at short notice.Today was a very busy day with me visiting my wifes father in wishaw general and then visiting my father in the evening at gartnavel general hospital.
Rest Day.


Ran to my mums 2.5miles.

Monday, 8 August 2011


Ran from my house to scotstoun giving me 4.25 and 4.3 miles home. Tonight the kids did 6 + 150m and 1.5 mile warm down in victoria park.
Total miles 8.53 miles.

Sunday, 7 August 2011


Went for a run this afternoon to try and loosen my legs off. My thighs are very stiff / hamstrings tight and elbows/arms sore. So it was very wet and miserable, but it wasnt too painfull and anyway PAIN IS WEAKNESS LEAVING THE BODY ! so i asume i had alot of weakness left from yesterday. So i did a 6.09 mile run.
Weeks total mileage. 59.24 miles


Have had a easy weeks training due to todays race and also my kids were away for 5 days holiday with there grand parents. So not ideal preparation for todays race, as iv been eating out every night and having a glass or two of red wine. I managed not to drink the day before the race, so i take that as a positive and meaning i was going to give it a go and try to run a pb today.

Race Plan. ( failing to plan is planning to fail).
Even running as slow as i do, you still have to decide on your race plan whether it be go fast at start or slow, pick it up mid way or looking to be strong at the end. Are you going to race it and be competitive or run your own race. My race plan was,
 1st leg.  To run a little slower than last year as i had went to fast.
2nd leg. I was aiming to reach this check point the same time as last year and have more in the bank for the last section.
3rd leg. To be feeling good and have a positive run and not feeling awfull. this section is the last 15 miles of the whw, so you are always cream krackered falling asleep and in a bad state, even in last years devil i felt awfull and i didnt have a good experience in the final stage.

Tyndrum to Bridge of Orchy. (6.62)m
I set out at 6am and ran talking to ray mccurdy and then ellen one of the race organisers from the fling. I felt good and deliberately slowed myself from going to fast. I reached this check point in about 65 minutes, so 5 minutes slower than last year so my plan was working and i didnt get carried away at the start. The midges were out in force and i managed to kill a few hundred and gave them a free lift to fort william. I also managed a bit extra protien in swollowing a few as well.

Bridge of Orchy to Glen Coe. (11.5)m.
My plan was to be easy on this section and just let the miles go by and not get carried away with my pace, i ran with ellen again for a bit and carried on feeling good but trying not to race anybody. I arrived at Glen Coe 5 minutes up on last years time and feeling good so my 1st leg of my race plan completed and i was feeling good and bang on time as well.

Glen Coe to Kinlochleven. (9.5)m.
This section of the race has the first big climb of the day in the devils stair case, it never stops amazing me how as a ex track runner/sprinter how i always catch people on big climbs, though i do normally get caught on the descent by a couple of runners. The decent into kinlochleven past the ice factory is steep and trashes your thighs, but i was still feeling good even so. Kinlochleven is normally a midgie infected town, but today they must have been on there holidays ! I arrived 5 minutes faster than last year and wasnt feeling to bad, the heat was building up and i was starting to feel a bit too warm. So after a change of top, some fruit and a drink i left kinlochleven, with my vest on my waist as i know from the past the climb out of kinlochleven is the hardest climb of the west highland way and very hot at the best of times never mind it being 12 noon. 2nd leg of my race plan and achieved.

Kinlochleven to Fort William. (14)m.
Leaving kinlochleven the sun was out and i must have lost a few pounds sweat on the big climb up. I tried to keep a easy walk up and after about half way i went past three walkers, with the surprse of the day in meeting, david/ rachel and there dad from clydesdale walking the whw. This is a very long section and i was doing it at the hottest part of the day. I had planned to run as much as possible and try to get to lundavra feeling good. I was trying to be competive so i passed four athletes on this part with one runner sticking to me till lundavra. Lundavra isnt a check point but alot of  crews meet there athletes here as its still 7 miles till the end of the race. Alot of people stop and spend too much time here talking and refilling bottles. I ran through and passed 2 athletes here and was cheered on by lucy the womens winner, who had broken the womens record by nearly an hour and finished 3rd overall in the race. On entering the forrest i was caught by kirsty the owner of the camp site and hostel at tyndrum. We ran together all the way to the end and we really pushed each other on the last last decent into fort william and into the finish. My last 3 miles were all under 9 minute miling and we finished together in 8hrs 33min and a new pb of over 20 minutes.

I would like to thank the organizers and the helpers as well as all the spectators for there encouragement and cheering. The biggest thank you is to my brother john who is not a runner and got up at 3am and was my back up crew for the day and giving up his weekend for me. So thank you !


Today i ran from my home. Giving me 5.14 miles.
Tonight i did a 6mile run.


Did a 6.07 mile easy run.

Friday, 29 July 2011


Today i ran from work along the clyde walkway and ran over the squinty bridge.Ran through govan, clyde tunnel, along to anniesland and then hometo knightswood.
Total mileage. 8.5 miles.

WEDNESDAY 28TH JULY (coaching) !

Ran from work to scotstoun and waited 30 minutes for someone to turn up, left at 7.10pm. Ran back to my house. Total Mileage.9.23 miles.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Today i was going to my mums house in whitecrook, so i left work and of course ran to her house this gave me 7.5 miles. After watering the plants and a few other things time had gone by and so did my chance of making it to the club training session tonight so it was a run home to knightswood giving me another 3 miles home.
Total mileage 10.5 miles.
Still struggling with a sore back and my left calf has been playing up again, im just trying to keep it going till next wednesday when i stop running and ease up for the devil o the highlands race.

Monday, 25 July 2011


Today was my first day back to work, so ran fron gri to scotstoun along the clyde walkway giving me 6.5m run.
Session tonight was 12 + 200m for the middle distance runners and 2(50/100/150)m for the sprinters.
Ran home from scotstoun giving me 2.5m run home. Thighs were heavy running today so hopefully will be better for tomorrow.
Total mileage 9 miles.

Sunday, 24 July 2011


Ran from my house to kilbowie and met derek, we headed up to loch humphry and along to the fishermans path, back along cochno rd to kilbowie. Ran from dereks down to my mums to water her garden which took an hour then ran from whitecrook to knightswood aong the forth and clyde canal.
Total Mileage. 17.8m. A long day with a long run.

Saturday, 23 July 2011


Some days you feel good some you dont, today was one of those days my legs were sore when i woke and my back as well.So did my usual 7.4m warm up struggled round the 5k. My warm down 7.4m was sore and the only good thing was i managed to get 17.9 miles done today.

Friday, 22 July 2011


Ran from my house onto grt western road along to anniesland cross, switch back rd, bearsden rd, hardgate kilbowie rnd and onto the boulie back home, giving me 10.44 miles.
I was tired from yesterdays run so this made the run today a easy run.
Total Mileage 10.44 miles.

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Did my run at three o clock today due to family commitments. I ran from knightswood along the forth and clyde canal to spiers wharf, then headed through charing cross to kelvingrove park, then along the kelvin walkway and through dawsholme estate. This gave me a 12.07 mile run, felt quite happy with my run and pushed myself quite hard, for me. Feel as though im back to where i left off and intend doing a 10 mile run tomorrow.
Weekend plans are do the park run on saturday and sunday is a run with jolene. So looking forward to a good weekend. Hope every one has a great weekend as well.
Total Mileage 12.07 miles.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Still not fully recovered from my all day awake yesterday with only a 3 hour power nap, but i fely 100 times better this afternoon for my 6.7 mile run along the canal to maryhill the kelvin walkway and through garscube then dawsholme estate then home.
Total mileage. 6.7 miles.


Arrived home today from my family holiday in sunny beach in bulgaria, i managed to run 4 times from 5 to 11 mile runs.
I was working in sculpta tonight at 5.30pm so it was a power nap in the afternoon and out the door at 4.30 for a run to charing cross and my 5.6m run to my second job.
Talking of jobs, in work tonight i was told that my picture was in the daily record last week for a cosmetic procedure that was done in labelle forme clinic in merchant city, with my surgeon Mr Shoaib doing a chin lift using a new procedure called a iguide. Dont know if anyone noticed it was me.
Mileage 5.6 miles.

Friday, 8 July 2011


Today i ran to my parents house had a coffee and ran home giving me 5.32 miles. Im of on holiday tonight for ten days, so no posts till i get home and iv got the devil o the highland on the 6th august. So may do a jog or 2 on holiday.

Saturday, 2 July 2011


Today i left the house at 8am and ran to pollock park, giving me a 7.5 mile warm up.
Park run, didnt feel as though i ran hard, just seemed a steady run today. 5k in 20min 32 seconds.
Warm down, ran home giving me a 7.73 miles.
Total mileage 18.3 miles.





Wednesday, 29 June 2011

wednesday 29th june

Ran to work this morning via the forth and clyde canal and giving me a 6.41 mile morning run.

Tonight i did the vets 5k at clydebank did a warm up with derek 2.48 miles
Race 5k in 20m 3 seconds.
Warm down was along the canal home giving me 3.09 miles.

Total mileage.15.06 miles.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Today i ran home fro gri down high street onto clyde walkway, through to ibrox stadium then headed through the clyde tunnel and home to knightswood. My son had a sleep over last night so i had to pick him up so was unable to go to st peters tonight for the club training session.
Total Mileage. 10.2 miles

Monday, 27 June 2011

MONDAY 27TH JUNE (coaching)

Ran from work along the clyde walkway then through govan past ibrox then headed to the clyde tunnel and along to scotstoun. The kids had been racing sunday and are racing wednesday so it was a light session on the track. Then it was a 2.5 mile run home.
Total mileage. 10.88 miles.

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Today i met jolene for a run over the kilpatrick hills, it was misty and we missed out a loop of our run but had a very enjoyable run and chat. We discussed that it would be good to race over the winter season when her shifts allow her so that makes another harrier back for the winter.
Total miles. 9.14
Weekly mileage 13.24 miles.
I feel totally recovered from the whw race and looking forward to getting back to training.



Thursday, 23 June 2011


Today was my first run since the whw race, i ran from my house onto great western road to anniesland the onto the forth and clyde canal, back to my house. This run was done very easy and the sun was out and i still felt tired.
Total mileage. 4.10 miles.





Tuesday, 21 June 2011


The race starts at 1am on Saturday morning and I had arrived at 12.30am.The weather was dry and I wasn't nervous too much, one of the nurses I work with had picked me up and waited to see the start and then went of to bed lucky her.After a brief talk it was on ur marks and go with a 10 second count down by some of the runners.
I had planned on running the same pace as the last 4 years doing the fling, but I had forgotten my watch,i know from the past what my pace is so i just got on with it and ran. Over the first 12 miles I normally start chatting but this year I was quite and focused. My first problem was a sore stomach which had me stop 3 times in the first 30 miles. I knew from last year i would reach the Forrest at drymen, when it would be getting light and I was bang on target. Next checkpoint was balmaha where I was hoping to be at for 4.30am, I arrived at 4.45am and was a bit down as I thought I was running a bit harder than that.
Balmaha to rowerdennan,
 I still hadn't met the usual runners i meet along this part of the route so I just got on with running and expected to see them at any corner. I was joined by corned beef Hughes eventually, who I was to meet on and of until inversnaid. I was feeling ok just now and it was only light rain, so wasn't getting to hot or cold.
Rowerdennan to inversnaid ,
 I had drop bags at both these check points and was quickly through each check point passing runners who had passed me running earlier. Felt ok and only problem was my back had a spasm with my waist bag a little heavier than usual.
Inversnaid to beinglas farm,
 I normally hate this section but I ran with a young chap from carnethie and we chatted and the time passed quickly, before I knew it i was at beinglas in about 9hrs 30 min aprox.
Beinglas to auchtyre,
 once again this section was no bother just kept putting one foot infront of the other and managed to get to the check point and get weighed. On getting weighed i was warned about the amount of weight id lost, in all my ultras before iv never had a real problem, so a little worried about my next weigh in.
Auchtyre to bridge of orchy,
 the weather now had changed from light drizzle to heavy rain, not a problem the rain coat id been carrying since milngavie, was now being used although it was 13hrs later. I never seen one person on this section and only passed a few walkers dressed for winter.
Bridge of orchy to glen coe ski centre,
Derek joined me on this section and the company was good we managed to catch 2 runners who had set of 20 minutes before us, weather was heavy rain but not too bad. This was were i had my first bad patch i felt faint, light headed and not myself. But i kept going and im not sure if derek had noticed my bad patch.
Glen coe to kinlochleven.
At glen coe my feet were 15 plus hours wet and had a few blisters, i dont normally change shoes but i did and i was never so glad as my heels were burning and feet on fire and tired. My sister inlaw was horrified to see my feet. but i just had some soup and my longest break of the race.
Once again derek decided to run this leg with me, which made me worry about him, as this meant he would be covering  35miles for the day. In all my life iv never seen derek run more than 16/ 18 miles and over the last 6 years he hasnt run longer than ten miles.
I was still managing to walk run and was ok over devil stair case and down the ice factory into kinlochleven. At this final check point i was worried about my weigh in so derek made me drink 500mls of fluid before being weighed. Once i was on the scale i had put on 2kgs id lost, so i think the last scales were wrong and i worried without needing to, lesson learned believe in myself next time.
Kinlochleven to fort willim,
After another change of socks and top we set of through kinlochleven. I was in a rush to get to the top of the hill and onto the old military road before it got dark.We started to aim for the search and rescue team base camps, the first was about a mile along. The next was 5k a target to go for and reached in day light still and then we just reached the old ruins and it was dark. From now on it was just kick the rocks and derek making me run when i could. When we reached lundavra it was still a hard slog to get to fort william and eventually i couldnt run anymore and i just tried to walk as fast as a pensioner in asda on a saturday afternoon. Once onto the main road in fort bill my will had gone, my thighs had gone and i just wanted to walk into the finish at the sports centre. Once id reached the nevis round about i gave derek my water bottle and rain jacket and mustered a run to the finish with a few grunts and groans along the way. I expect this is a bit like child birth, all the pain and torture is forgotten till the same time next year and you think o no not again. At the finish a young lady asked how i was, as i looked quite good, god knows what the other runners looked like if i looked good. So my answer was well thats me got 2 goblets and it just woulnt look right unless i got a 3rd one.
So plan is to have a week off and then start training again for nexy year and go for a sub 25 hr whw.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Just a quick note, i completed this years race in 25 hrs 20 min aprox. No major injuries, weather was ok with rain, mud and alot of water on the course. Full report to follow as the race is still actually running till 12 noon, my hat of to these runners who can stay on there feet for 35 hrs and keep moving forward.
Total mileage 113.8 miles.

Friday, 17 June 2011


Todays plan are to get my running gear ready for the race tonight, it looks as though it will be wet underfoot with no rain for the start. Tyndrum is forecast rain all saturday, fort william has a thunderstorm at 7pm saturday, so i will miss that and its to be dry on sunday morning.
So a few changes of clothes and hopefully miss the thunder storm on saturday night at fort bill. Planning to go to registration at 9pm then head home for a lie down till 12 midnight and head for the 12.30am race brief, the off at 1 am on saturday morning.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Ran fron gri to scotstoun to meet andrew and did block starts. Andrew did up and down the clock 20 /40/ 60m. Then ran home  with a total mileage of 8.3 miles.
Thats it no more running till the fat lady sings on friday night or in my case run fat boy run, so my next run will be in saturday morning at 1am at milingavie, for a 95 mile jog along the west highland way. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Monday, 13 June 2011


Ran from gri to my house along the forth and clyde canal, then ran to scotstoun for coaching.
Ran home from scotstoun to my house.
Total mileage. 10.38 miles.



Friday, 10 June 2011


Went for my run at 11am, ran along the forth and clyde canal to charing cross the into kelvingrove park the onto garscube estate, then into dawsholme park to cranhill forrest, then home giving me 13.04 mile run.
Felt good and had to slow myself down when i was starting to run too fast, shocker.
It is now only a week till the west highland way race and a great weekend out on the way, i intend to put up my expected times for check point incase anybody wants to go for a walk or run along the route.



Monday, 6 June 2011


Ran from gri to scotstoun via govan past ibrox park, giving me 8.09 mile run.
On sunday i went for a massage for my lower legs in the lead up to the whw race.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Ran home from work today along the forth and clyde canal to knightswood, with something in the last 30 years of running that iv never done before, i had two odd shoes on. It wasnt much of a problem as it was a left and a right. Both were asics shoes, so no real problem as no one except my self knew it. So 6.35 miles in total. I hadnt seen the weather forecast for today so on my way home i had ronhill tracksters, long sleeved helly hansen, t/shirt and rain jacket/hat on. It was a hot run home.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Had a day off today so went for a run at 11am and did 6.7 mile run, was feeling quite good and felt alot fresher today.
Was working at sculpta clinic at 1.30pm and finished at 4.30pm, it was roasting hot in the operating theatre so it was nice to finish and do my second run of the day. So i was in kelvingrove park within 2 minutes of running and ran along kelvin walkway to dawsholme park then through westerton home giving me 5.72 miles.
Total mileage. 12.46 miles.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Monday, 30 May 2011


Was working a late shift in work today, so ran to work at 12 noon, giving me 6.45 miles.
Ran home from work 9pm, giving me 6.40 miles.
Total mileage, 12.9 miles.

Sunday, 29 May 2011


Rest day

Weeks total mileage, 60 miles.


Got the 7.15am bus to bridge of orchy, arrived at 08.45 with a down pour in progress, so of i set with helly hansen top, winter rain jacket and shorts. I passed alot of walkers as i went up the first hill, i quickly arrived at inveraron hotel and headed along the tarmac road past victoria bridge car park.
Once i was through the gate, i was soon on the rannoch moore and the second down pour came with a very strong wind, arrived at glen coe ski car park where i had intented to stop, have a drink and some food. It was still awfull weather so kept going till kingshouse hotel where the sun had come out and i stopped at the bridge and had a quick bit to eat.
Started along the road section till u go off road, the rain started again for about a mile or so till the bottom of devils staircase and the sun had come out again. Headed up the staircase passing lots of walkers and once on top my first hail stones of the day turned up with a strong wind. On the descent into kinlochleven the sun had came out until the ice factory and another down pour arrived.
Sun had come out as i was leaving kinlochleven and started the long uphill from sea level to the top of the hill, this is the hardest hill of the west highland way so a sontered up eating fruit and drinking plenty of fluid. At the top of kinlochleven the track to lundvra is stony and undulating, after about 2 miles i felt awfull and could only just muster a walk, so sat on a rock for 2 minutes regrouped and felt better. Along this section i had 3 down pours with high winds, with one being hail stones.
Lundavra to fort william, the reason for this run today was to go over the route finish of the whw race on the 18th june, a lot of forrestry work had been done over the winter, so i wanted to see how it was for race day. After going through the first part of the forrest, no change except more mud ! i came through to a bare hillside where the forrest had been  and gone.Managed to get to the top and low and behold the forrest road to fort william. So a great day out in all weathers and a good recce for the end of the route for the 18th june.
Arrived at fort william train station at about 5.25pm and got the 5.37pm train home. I had booked the 7.16 bus, but i wanted to get home early as i could, so it cost  £24.30, but it was worth it when the kids got excited at me being home early. Running time 8hrs 20 min 28sec
Total mileage 36.1 miles.
Lessons learnt.
                       This was the first time id been on the whw in bad weather as i normally only pick to run when the weather is good, so i know what to expect if its not a nice on the 18th. Suzanne had got me small fruit pots that were great, so will be having them on race weekend. On the fling i used sis gels i liked them so will be using these as well. Sis carbo in my water on race day and last is my rice puddings as well.
My ruck sack was too heavy when running as i had 2 litres of fluid plus food and essentials. But once i had ajusted my straps it was slightly better and of course it got lighter as the day went by.


Rest Day

Thursday, 26 May 2011


Today i was going to run home but due to my kids both having sleep overs and my plan to do my long run saturday i decided to go and book my ticket for the 7.10 bus from anniesland to bridge of orchy on saturday, arrive about 9am. Then return from fort william on the 7.10pm bus home, if all goes well i will be getting a burger and pint before i leave fort bill or if i struggle it will be a coke in mcDonalds with a burger. Expected arrival in anniesland is about 10.30pm. So it really is a long day out !
So rest day.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Got away from work early today, so headed up to shawlands and along to pollock park then ran back the route from the start of the 5k back home. Weather was ok and i even managed to have a drink during my run home.
Total mileage. 13.78 miles.

Been looking at the weather forecast for the weekend and it looks like saturday will be my bridge of orchy to fort william 35/36 mile run. Sunday looks a bit windy.
Good luck to everyone racing the clydebank 10k on thursday night.


Was held up in work and didnt manage a run today.

Monday, 23 May 2011


Ran from work to scotstoun, then ran home after coaching.Total miles 10.02.
It was very windy at scotstoun tonight so claire and mark did 6+110m sprints.

Saturday, 21 May 2011


Was working at sculpta this morning so i ran along the canal to kelvin walkway then to kelvingrove park giving me 5.15 miles in the morning. Then i ran too gri to get my clothes i left at work giving me 2.22 miles, to meet suzanne for a late lunch in waxy's.
Total miles. 7.37miles.

Friday, 20 May 2011


Well what a day, i set out to do my run at 12.30 and during the first 3 miles it was sunny, then hail stones, then pouring, then some heavy hail stones and then the sun was out !
Today i did the same run as last friday so along the canal to spiers wharf the through charing cross to kelvingrove park, then kelvin walkway garscube estate and home. When i was on the kelvin walkway to young students passed me, so i stuck in behind them and passed them about 2 miles later, its nice to be back to myself as before the fling race. The last 2 weeks of training have been hell, as i felt constantly tired falling asleep early every night, being grumpy and in general spiraling into a sort of deep depression. So now i feel 100 times better and still running, so what happened ! well after the fling the next week i trained too hard and basically over trained and my head went down. So back on track and aiming to get a few decent weeks training till the whw race and probably do a 36mile training run next week, which will be on the whw.
Total mileage. 12.6m
Well done to all the harriers who ran the helensburgh 10k, a total of 12 runners from the club ran.

Thursday, 19 May 2011


Ran home from work was late in leaving so didnt manage any extra miles.
Total 6.69 miles.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

WEDNSDAY 18TH MAY (coaching)

Ran to scotstoun tonight and once again it was cold / wet / windy. Tonight andrew, james and mark were all at training so it was 5 + 100m with acceleration at 50m. I ran home after training giving me 8.5 miles for the day.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Was late leaving work so wasnt going to get to clydebank in time for training at st peters, so it was plan b. Ran from glasgow royal along clyde walkway, then headed up to shawlands cross then headed to pollock park then headed past ibrox to the clyde tunnel and home giving me. Total mileage 13.1 miles.

Monday, 16 May 2011


Ran to work this morning giving me 5.5miles.
Ran to scotstoun to coaching  5.8 miles.
Ran home for scotstoun 2.4 miles.
Coaching, the kids had been racing on sunday so it was a easy session of 6 +50m for the sprinters and 6+150m for the middle distance group.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Not sure if today will be anything other than another rest day. After my fling and the week afters training i have been suffering with calf cramp and a nigglie calf. My plan was to run the 10ks in the next few weeks but with only 5 weeks till the whw race im not sure whether to risk it. So plan is for next week to be high mileage and see how i feel.


Today i was working in labelle forme clinic and so a run looks as though its out the window so its a rest day today.

Friday, 13 May 2011


Today i was off work so did the school run and went for a run at lunch time. I met one of my old athletes today michael kinsella he is at medical school and doing triathlons at the moment.
Ran along the canal to spiers warf and along charing cross to kelvingrove park. Went along kelvin walkway to garscube estate the headed through cairn woods in westerton then home.
The weather today was awfull i started in rain, then sun, then heavier rain, the sun, then hail stones, then sun and rain again. Hope its not like this on the 18th june.
Total mileage. 12.6 miles.

Saturday, 7 May 2011


Ran to pollock park and my calf was a little sore, so plan was to see how it felt during my strides. I had no pain during my strides so i was going to run as hard as i could. After a quick chat with the ever young/ bobby. It was to the start line, one of the main problems with this race is the start being very congested.
Today seen alot of harriers running this 5k it was nice to see so many familiar faces.
My times were,
1m - 6m 31 sec.
2m - 6m 45 sec.
3m - 6m 36 sec.
Finish Time, 20 min 15 sec in 37th place/ unofficial result.
At the end i got set to run home and met 2 surgeons i work with and ran with them to the start of the womens 10k tomorrow, which was at his house. My run home was a bit sore with calf cramp and a sore back. I met mark gormley of cambuslang at victoria park and had a 10 minute chat with him.
Total mileage. 18.5 miles

Friday, 6 May 2011


This weeks training has been going well, infact too well ! the miles are building up and iv been feeling good. So with only 1 rest day after the highland fling and in danger of running a big mileage for the week i have reluctantly decided to have a rest day. I dont particulary like having rest days as i would rather have a easy or short recovery run, but my calf has been getting a bit nigglie so im having a day off. Tomorow im doing the Park run and this usually gives me a 19 / 20 miles for the morning with a fast for me 5k.

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Was back to work today, so it was a run home from work along the canal and home for a glass of wine after a hard 1 day at work week.
Total mileage 6.35 miles.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

WEDNESDAY 4TH MAY ( coaching)

Ran to scotstoun and back for coaching, andrew was warmed up and ready to start his session as i arrived. We had decided to do block start at the 100m start and 200m start in preparation for his age group champs at the weekend.
Total mileage. 4.41m.
Days total mileage.14.1 miles.


Ran from my house to forth clyde canal to maryhill and ran down queen margret drive, cut through botanic gardens onto kelvin walkway then through garscube estate then dawsholme park then up through cairnhill wood and home. I felt tired the last 3 miles, must be tired from yesterdays training.
Total mileage 9.7m

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Ran from my house to my brothers at clydebank, we headed of to st peters and did a 2 mile warm up. I was never going to do the club session but had decided to do some stretching and strides. So i ended up running 10 laps of the track with a 100m stride every lap. Ran with derek for the warm down then jogged home to knightswood.
Total mileage 13.5 miles.

HIGH COURT (Jury Duty)

I had jury duty today but wasnt needed, so being a typical runner i had pre-planned this and packed my running clothes and managed to do a superman change in the high court toilets. I may have looked a bit strange leaving the building but im sure im not the first person to go running out the building.
Ran along clyde walkway to kingston bridge then headed up to kelvingrove park, then along kelvin walkway home. What another lovely day with the sun out and the wind keeping you cool, i really enjoy running this time of year and it makes up for the winter of snow and ice.
Total Mileage. 8.21 miles.

Monday, 2 May 2011


A big well done to heather calderwood for her outstanding run in the fling on saturday she not only finished as 3rd scottish athlete, she was 3rd uk runner and ran an outstanding time of 9hrs 42min 59seconds. This was only 3min 27seconds behind 2nd place and a runner who was running for scotland a month ago in the 100k champs in perth.
Another harrier on top form was john kennedy who ran 10hrs 13min 30seconds for 3rd place over 50 vet in a top quality field and a big well done to craig calderwood for finishing the fling in such hot dry conditions.
This years race was the worst iv seen for athletes falling, it seemed that every check point i reached, there was athletes cut/bruised and bandaged up.

MONDAY 2ND MAY (coaching)

 With it being a bank holiday i was only expecting andrew to turn up to training as everyone was racing on sunday at scotstoun. This was still one more athlete than on wednesday when i left scotstoun at 7.15pm with no runners. So andrew did 6 +120m fast strides and a jog warm down to jordanhill school, a good warm down for a sprinter.
I myself managed to run to scotstoun and ran back home with a slight cramp in my calf, but i felt good running in the sun, even though it was freezing when u stopped.
Total Mileage 4.02 miles.

Sunday, 1 May 2011


What a way to start a new month  REST DAY !!!

Weeks total mileage 73.88 miles.
APRIL MONTHLY mileage. 285 miles.


Well what a day !
I arrived at milngavie at 6.40 after a impatient wait for my taxi, collected my chip and dropped my drop bags in the boot of the cars. It was a bit chilly still, so kept my sweat top on till the race brief and 5 min before start.
I had seen a few people i know and had a quick chat, it was funny to see how some runners had full running kit with rain jackets, with others with vest and shorts. I had decided on t/shirt with 3/4 length tights and my trail shoes. The reason for this is, i always feel at the start the people well wrapped up start sweating and are loosing fluid from start to finish..

My race plan was to go for 11hr split times, luckily a runner did split times for the race and had said that 90% of the field would start too fast. So to the race, the first check point was drymen which was 12+ miles, i had wanted to reach here at 1hr 56min and arrived about 1hr 57min 58. The next check point was balmaha at 19 miles and the first major hill of the day conic, i felt good and met keith hughes/ ian beattie on this section and had a good chat up the hill and down. We were all hoping to get to balmaha before the elite runners went whizzing past and so on the descent jez bragg went hurtling down like a hill runner in the need of the toilet. My hat of to all the guys who can sprint down a hill and not get injured, for me a track/road runner it is only a pipe dream. Sogot to balmaha at 3hr 20min total running time.
At the change over i had rice pudding/ custard pudding and quickly filled my water bottle. I met with a guy called ian who was running with keith and going for 11hr finish he said ian / keith were both just ahead, i only seen keith at the end finishing in about 11.30 approx. So off to rowedenan and it was starting to get hot, at this secton last year the first relay runner had past but nobody yet, there was lots of walkers who were all very kind and let all the runners past. Got to rowerdenan and felt good and this was my next check for my pace was 4hrs 50min. I arrived at 11.47 am giving me 4hrs 47min aprox, so going well. It was hot now and id stopped eating my rices here, only had 1 with with a few jelly beans.
Rowerdennan to inversnaid, this section is hilly and never seems to stop, but with people around makes it easier, i felt i was still strong but it was getting hotter , but thankfully there was a nice wind and this section is shaded too.
Inversnaid to beinglass farm, this is the hardest section of the run, being technical and most difficult under foot. The problem for me during this section is im a (track/road runner) to trade, i have no sense of balance and im one of the slowest runners in this section with old grannys passing by saying your doing well son. At the start of the section a vet who i caught at the start of the section ran with me and ran just behind me making me run the runable sections alot harder than normal, he got away from me near the end of the section as i stopped for a drink and chased him to beinglass farm. The wind at this section was very strong and a life saver as it was very hot at this section, this section takes longer than the miles say. I arrived at beinglass at 15.15pm giving me a total running time of around 8hrs 20min aprox. My slit i was aiming for was 8hrs 30 min. So my plan was perfect, after another quick stop refuild with water and drank about 400mls of water.
Beinglass farm to Tyndrum , i knew that in the past iv ran this section in 3hrs so if the wheels didnt fall off id manage 11hrs 30 min giving me a new pb. This section climbs and climbs to crainlarich forrest where you have a roller coaster 3miles in the forrest, your time here just gets eaten up so much and you really cant wait to get down the final hill to the road section where alot of the back up crews and spectators meet there runners. It was at this point that a back up crew gave the runner a can of coke, i nearly cried as i was so dehydrated and a can of coke would have been great. The final 3 miles i was trying to keep going but was getting tired quickly and with looking at my watch every 2 seconds i knew i would be inside 11hr 30min.  The Fling finish is something to behold as you get to about 400m to go the sound of bagpipes in the distance can be heard, i passed  3 kids on the river who said well done and as i passed they threw a brick at me, but i kept going as i just wanted to sit down. Once passed the pipes, it was 100 yards to the finish so wiped away the sweat and try to look good for the finish. Stopped my watch at 11hrs and 11min and then got shouted at by the timers to swipe my chip.
So a new pb and a great day out on the west highland way, this race has a relay race as part of the day with the sections between 12/ 13miles it would be great to get a clydesdale team involved as its a great day out !

Friday, 29 April 2011


With just under 1 day to go to the biggest ultra race in britain this year, i really am getting excited at the prospect of the top ultra runners in britain passing me on loch lomond and running my 5th highland fling race.
The weather looks as though its going to 19 degrees tomorrow, so will be a long day on the whw route. Does the weather make any changes to my race, well i might change to 2 water bottles for the section between inversnaid to beinglass farm as this section in previous years can get very hot and nowhere to get a extra drink and catches people out at how long it takes to do this section. I may decide to dilute my carbo drinks as i expect i will be drinking more.
During the glasgow to edinburgh race i lost 8lbs after the race, with me drinking 5.5 litres of fluid during the race.
So plan tomorow is to weigh myself before i leave for the start, get plenty of sun screen/vasoline on and try to be well hydrated for the rest of the day. Bad news is my wife suzanne is going to a wedding reception tonight in motherwell which i cant make, due to getting up at 5am and suzanne will be lucky if she can make it home for 3am. So not long to go and wishing everyone a good holiday weekend again and happy running.

Thursday, 28 April 2011


Was at work today and stopped off on my way home to get some energy drinks from sweatshop at anniesland. Once again was given great service and managed to get the box of gels for £30. Today is a rest day so no plans except to try and get as good a sleep tonight as possible for the fling on saturday.
Must admit im getting excited and a bit nervous as my ankle got sore running home on tuesday after my track session, but i cant do anything about that except, use my portable ultra sound on ankle and do ankle rolls.
Rest Day.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Ran to coaching from work and arrived at 6.50. I left at 7.10pm, i had been told a few of the athletes werent coming tonight but was expecting 2 kids, suppose the lure of the champions league semi - final was too much. Ran home.
Total mileage. 6.64m and 2.2m. 8.8Miles.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Tonight was to be a light track session of 12 + 150m with the rest of the lap recovery. Felt ok during the session and it was great having lots of bodys on the track. My ankle started to get sore running home, never mind ! Iv only got 2 more runs to go before my race on saturday.
Total mileage 12 miles


Due to all my athletes for tonights session calling off, it was easy just to cancel the session and make today a rest day.

Sunday, 24 April 2011


After my duties of rolling eggs and easter egg hunt and having to watch the old firm game with my father inlaw it was my turn.
So i set out onto grt western road along  to the botanic grdns, kelvin walkway then garscube estate and dawsholme park then westerton forrest home.
Total mileage.8.27 miles in 1hr 8m 52sec.
Weekly Mileage.56miles.

To Taper Or Not !

I have my next ultra on saturday, the highland fling. This race is one of my favourite races of the year and it will be my 5th time running the event. Last years race was going well till i was running down the nice section at conic hill on the path and lost my consentration then went over my ankle at 19 miles. I managed to get to the finish but it was later that i discovered i had a grade 3 twisted ankle with torn ligaments.

So do you taper when iv only got 50 odd days to the westhighland way race, well after my glasgow to edinburgh race, i had not tapered and did find it harder than it should have been. But i recovered alot quicker than before in this race. Cause the race is 53 miles i only need to run 22 miles monday to thurday to give me 75 miles for the week. So im coaching on monday and wednesday so plan is 10 miles each day and a jog for jesus on thursday.

Plans for the race,
                            I am probably fitter than iv been anytime doing ultra races, so will i do as the g2e and go at a steady pace or easy at the start with the plan being not to slow down as much, well i think that it will be plan (a)
 Steady at the start and make the most of the 7am start and a flatish 12 miles to drymen.

Saturday, 23 April 2011


Today i went for a run with my brother derek, we ran along the forth and clyde canal to maryhill loch and onto the kelvin walkway, up through dawsholme park and through the forrest at westerton. The weather was wet and  mild.
 Total distance was 5.55m

Friday, 22 April 2011


Off work today and did my 10 mile loop, which is actually 10.39 miles. I wore a pair of shorts and vest which is very unlike me. The sun was shining and it was a little breeze. Wish i had weighed myself as i was constantly sweating buckets. My average miling was 7.34m a mile and i felt steady all the way, i really enjoyed my run and as i was going along i was remembered of the saying PAIN IS THE BODYS WAY OF GETTING RIDE OF WEAKNESS ! ! !
Total mileage 10.39m


Ran from glasgow royal infirmary to glasgow green and ran along the clyde walkway into glasgow and crossed over into govan and ran through the clyde tunnel and ran through victoria park and up through jordan hill to knightswood. My legs were tired before the run i was tired and so the run was very hard just to keep going but i did manage to add a few extra miles which is always good when your counting your miles.
Total mileage. 9.75m.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Rest day.
Was at work till 10.30 pm and didnt get a run done, legs were sore anyway, but a run would have eased them off maybe.


Today i made arrangements to meet my brother derek and go to clydesdale harriers new venue for training at  Saint Peter's in clydebank. The facilitys in the school were excellent, the running track is closed off to joe public and only way in was through the school. The track was quite soft and the weather was perfect. A perfect venue for running with toilets close bye.
I met up with derek at his house and ran round the corner to the school, the senior athletes met outside and ran a 2.25m loop on the road as a warm up. Tonights session was 15 + 200m with a jog back infield to the start, i had intended doing 20 reps and derek had decided on 16 reps - why ? well my reason was when i did 200m reps it was always 20 reps and derek always did 16 reps. The session was alot harder than i thought due to a few reasons.
 (1) The last proper speed session done was 1994
 (2) I had intended doing a 200m jog recovery this wasabout 90m.
 (3) There were lots of bodys about so this made the session more competitive and intense.
My session was probably 41s average for the 20 200m reps and my warm down was 4 miles home with my head a little dizzy on the way home due to either trying to hard or maybe it was running round the track so much.
So verdict on the new venue PERFECT it will be a magnet for new recruits (kids) and with some publicity in the local papers about our new training facilities and easy to find the mighty DALE will be in good hands in years to come.
Sad news this week another harrier runner has left the dale ranks and joined another club, so whats my conclusion to all this stupidity i can only assume that tha radiation fallout from japan has arrived in clydebank and sent these athletes mad clydesdale harriers are one of the biggest clubs in scotland we have a great tradition in the club that has disappearedin recent years due to being evicted from our home in whitecrook and our winter headquarters the old swimming baths. I believe that the new track in clydebank is a great start to bringing back the good values which is installed in all the harrier runners in the past and good times are round the corner.
 It was great to see so many age groups together tonight and the clydesdale harriers training as a club again.
Total mileage. 8.91 miles.

Monday, 18 April 2011


I was doing a back shift today so ran to work at 11am in shorts and sunglasses what a wonderfull day it was along the forth and clyde canal to glasgow royal infirmary. 6.4 miles

Finished my shift at 9pm and ran home in the rain along great western road to knightswood.5.91miles.
Total mileage today 12.32 miles.


Ran to work via clydebank giving me 10.84 miles
Weeks mileage. 30.95m.
Wrotten weeks training due to sore ankle and kids on holiday.


Ran from gri to house 6.34 miles.


Rest day. watching the kids.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


With my new shift pattern in work i am working sat/sun and was off work mon/thur. So did a run from knightswood to grt western rd / botanic grns / river kelvin / garscube est / dawsholme then through westerton forrest to my house. My run was ok and my legs only got sore the last 2 miles, ankle a bit niggly but not stop me running. Went to la vitas in george square for late lunch and we all had a lovelly time and wine with lunch during the week is just the business.
Miles today. 8.58m.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Was meant to be coaching tonight but got held up in work so had to cancel the session.
Ran home from work tonight this was my first run since the glasgow to edinburgh race. My legs felt fine, thighs a bit heavy and only 1 twinge in my ankle.
Total milles 5.44m.



Monday, 11 April 2011


Had a plan in the back of my head to run back from coaching tonight but my right ankle is like a balloon and bruised so will try and rest as much as my 2 kids let me.

Sunday, 10 April 2011


Rest day

Total mileage for the week 81.75 miles.

Comments, ankle swollen, hip feels ok, lost 6 lbs during the race and looking forward to my next training run " GOD KNOWS WHEN"



Well this was my first ultra of 2011 and its been the hardest iv trained for a long while, so what was my plan for this race - failing to plan is planning to fail. My normal tactics is start at the back and try to slow less than everyone else a good tactic when running ultras. So what was my plan for today Pain - i had decided to make the most of my training and see how a faster start would be like in a ultra. The start of this race is in ruchill park just opposite partick thistle ground and i thought of bobby ross ( why would you leave a club you had ran for the last 39 years i was told that is twice as long as a morgage, marriage and in britain 3 life sentences.
Start, 9am my plan went as normal i ran close to the top 20 runners and felt comfortable with my first mile in 7m 51 o my god i normally only run at this miling for 1 or 2 miles of my 10 miler run o hey ho it was a down hill start. The miles ticked by and i had averaged 8.40 for the first check point at 13 miles. My plan had been 9 minute miles average so not so bad. My right ankle was starting to get sore at 14 miles and seemed to locked at the extended position but my calf was good and it was getting warmer as every mile went by.

The second check point was at the falkirk wheel at 22 miles which were all inside 8.50 miling and it was getting warmer again i stopped here as this was were drop bag point for the rest of the race. I had 4 gels to pick up and 2 rice pudding which i eat up the hill to the tunnel the chocolate all got left at the check point as i knew it was hot and getting hotter and choc is not what you want in the heat.

The third check point was at about 34 miles my average miling was getting slightly slower with the average miling 10.20 miling, so what happened here first i went through the marathon in 3hrs 58 min and hit the halfway point in 4hrs 20 min. My ankle was agony and slowing me down the heat was slowing me down and i had ran too fast the first half. This check point i had a longer break i took my shoes/socks off and put my feet in the union canal and changed my socks.

Check point four was at at 43 miles and my average miling had slowed more and i had made a mistake in my sis carbo drink i had made up a double dose for the next 2 check points but mixed it into 1 bottle which was only just about sip-able. Average miling sub 11 minute miling but my ankle was ok for a few miles but started getting sore again halfway through this leg.

Check point 5, this was the shortest leg of the race and i was limping badly and getting hip pain in the right side due to my ankle. Average miling this leg was sub 12 minute miling.

Final leg, my ankle was very very sore, my early pace had left me struggling more than usual, the heat had taken its toll on my body, my right heel was burning and my right hip was in spasm. Average miling for this leg was sub 13 minute miling and my last mile in 10.36.

I had finished a broken man i was very uncomfortable and only able to shuffle along at a snails pace, after a chat with the race organizer for 15 minutes and a hand shake to the wnner grant jeans ( he clapped everyone who finshed ) cant say iv ever seen a road or cross country winner stay at the finish and cheer the other finishers. Ultra runners are different from other runners, but in a really good way.
I finished in 19th place in a new pb of 9 hrs 39min, pb by about 8 min.

So what did i get out of the race well i loved all the sweat all the pain and all the discomfort of trying so hard. Would i do it again, yes but only when i can walk properly again What did i do wrong all of the above and didnt ease up for the race, would i change anything, no i bloody loved every pain staking second of it and it will make me tougher for the WHW in june 18th.

So why did my ankle get sore was it the new trainers or the thicker socks that cost £11 or was it the camber of the canal or that in april of last year, during the fling i twisted my right ankle at 19 mile and ran the next 34 miles in agony. Was it that after the WHW race that after a month that the swelling had went down to reveal a lump of ligament on the outside of my ankle floatting about. Who knows but i wouldnt change anything cause this is the joys of JOGGING FOR JESUS and as one of my many many training partners said (gary higgins) he always called me "no gain without pain HALPIN."

Friday, 8 April 2011


Ran from house onto canal and along to next generation centre and went into the sweat shop, had a quick look round and got 2 pairs of socks for cheaper than 1 pair out of achilles heel and i was served straight away and the chap serving was very helpfull and its close to my house. So need to remember to go to the sweat shop rather than achilles heel, who are taking advantage of folk just wanting running shoes and leaving with a big credit card bill or even a new morgage.

Spent this morning getting my drinks ready for tomorrow, there is 5 check points and so iv got 5 sis drinks ready with 5 gels to take. Food wise i will be taking my no brainer rice puddings at each check point and a bar of choc at each check point. I certainly wont take everything at the check pionts but at least its there if i want it. Most important thing for tomorow is the £5 in my bum bag to get a pint at the finish and unlike last year where i kept thinking for 56 miles a nice cold pint of guinness and was served a warm pint i will go for a glass of magners with ice. So heres hoping for a nice day tomorow and lots of interesting people to talk to and not to many dogs, people cycling and walkers with prams.
Good luck to everyone who is racing at the weekend !

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Got a phone call to ask if id work today in the afternoon in the harley medical group to do a vasor, as suzanne was taking the kids to a friends for lunch i decided to work. So as usual if im working i run to work and run back as well. The sun was shining and i left the house for 1.30pm i ran along the forth and clyde canal onto the kelvin walkway and stopped off to get a new pair of socks and some gels for my race on saturday. So i stopped of at achilles heel and had to wait 5 minutes to be ripped off for 11 pounds for a pair of socks, while i waited for my hard earned money to be passed on the place was jumping with people talking about running shoes and being natural or pronator or as i heard a chap say "well your feet arent slapping," all i can say is i hope the people in the shop all have good jobs cause i couldnt afford a pair of shoes out of there. I really dont see the point of someone paying £80 to £100 for a pair of shoes that they will wear for 10 to 20 miles a week in the summer.
I have this week invested in 3 pairs of new shoes 1 pair from sports direct £48 for a pair of cumulus 12, cheapest price on the internet and 2 pairs of shoes from mnm direct costing £55. Now im trying to decide which pair to wear on saturday but maybe i should have asked someone in achilles heel and they may have got me to buy a pair of high mileage top of the range trainers, cause im running 56 miles on saturday. Well having worn the 3 pairs iv decided to wear the cheapest pair cause they feel the best for the canal and for me, so maybe im old fashioned but when i run i just bloody run and god willing i get to the end of the race and i might have a couple of pounds left in my pocket cause i never bought my shoes out of achilles heel other wise known as DAY LIGHT ROBBERS and i can afford a pint at the end of my run.
So ran 5.5m to charing cross and back 5.9 miles
Total mileage 11.39 miles.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Organized coaching to be at 10am today so set off at 9.30 and ran to coaching at scotstoun. Andrew was the only athlete that i expected and once id arrived he had already warmed up and done his strides. There was a athletics camp on inside so we went out and did some drills outside, then took a break and went indoors. We had decided to do sprint starts so did 6 + 20m. After a talk about everything it was 11amand time for me to run home again. Luckily the rain/wind had stopped so it wasnt too bud running home.
Total mileage 2.83 and 3.83 giving me 6.66 m.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Due to being on holiday this week and getting a niggle in my left calf (again). I have taken the day off my main aim this year is to run a sub 26 hr westhighland way in june the 18th so i will try to keep my mileage at 75ish miles a week till then.

Monday, 4 April 2011


Im on a weeks holiday this week so spent the day with the family and ran to coaching and back, my calf was sore today so 2 races in a weekend wasnt a good idea, but i did enjoy it.
Roshen, claire and james did 2(4 +200)m. With the 2 andrews and mark did 100/200/300m + 2 sets.
Total mileage 6.1 miles.

Sunday, 3 April 2011


Did the six stage relays today i was the last runner in the b team, i was happy to just finish the race with no injuries so objective 1 completed. Average mile pace 7.02 for the race so faster today than the 5k yesterday 7.04 with double the distance and a bit windy today so happy with today. Total mileage 12.08
Weekly mileage. 74.54 miles.

Saturday, 2 April 2011


Decided to do this race last night and not to run too hard so it was up at 7.30 and get ready to leave for 8am. Felt tired running to pollock park, think i had a bit too much wine last night. It was 8.06 miles warm up and a steady 5k round the park. Warm down was 8.54 miles home. Result, 21m31sec.
Total mileage 19.65 miles.

Friday, 1 April 2011


Today i ran onto the forth and clyde canal ran up to maryhill where i ran onto queen margaret drive then into the botanic gardens and onto the kelvin walkway. Once i got to garscube estate it was through there and into dawsholme park and into westerton forrest and home.
This was a longer run than planned but thought id get a few extra miles in the bank for the week.
Total mileage 9.5 miles.



Wanted to do something different tonight so i ran from gri along the clyde walkway then headed up pollockshields rd to minard rd then up past my old hockey club clydesdale and ran up to pollock park. Once in pollock park i did my usual route when doing the park run.
Total mileage. 12.87 miles

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Today i ran from glasgow royal infirmary to scotstoun via the clyde walkway, govan and clyde tunnel. Giving me 7.55 miles.Training for andrew tonight was sprint drills and some run throughs and accelerations. Ran home from scotstoun giving me 2.55 miles.
Total mileage today 10.10 miles.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Today was my wife suzanne birthday she is on her 40th birth year and i had no option but to have a rest day even though i went to work and took my running gear i was given the big ear !
Total mileage 0
Meaning i need to make up 10 miles in the next 5 days.

Monday, 28 March 2011


Ran from work to scotstoun via charing cross/kelvin walkway/annieasland/ scotstoun. Total miles 7.84
Coaching - sprinters- did 4 + 150m with accelerating last 50m.
                  middle distance- 2(200/300/200)m.
Ran home after coaching 2.5m
Total Mileage 10.34 miles.
Felt tired today but just plodded away.

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Started my run at 7.30pm and the sun had set at 7.45pm it got dark at just about 5 miles and the weather was just perfect had a easy run and speeded up the last mile to catch the train.As i arrived at milngavie the train had just left, so it was 30 minutes to the next train i set of on my way home with a few extra miles.So only 1 fall and only managed to kick 1 stone and 1 very large rock. Wildlife on the way was 1 deer, 1 duck and wild geese flying over my head.
Total mileage 19.07 miles.

Saturday, 26 March 2011


Awoke this morning and felt wrotten so my plan to do 10 miler went down the drain, so plan b was just to get a run done cause thats what i am a runner and not a man who has rest days 7 days a week. So i did the canal kelvin walkway and garscube estate through the forrest and home giving me a 5.57 miles my average heart rate was 176 which had me worried, till i remembered my heart rate monitor slipped down to my waist O GOD I MUST BE LOOSING WEIGHT better not mention this to the wife.
Total mileage 5.57 miles.

Friday, 25 March 2011


After a quick trip to the doctors to check i am not suffering from a infection and i wasnt, it was back to training again. Iv been feeling not that great for 4 weeks now and im sure i will be fine for my first ultra on the 9th april which is the Glasgow to Edinburgh along the forth and clyde and then the grand union canal. This race is now in its third year and this will be the third time iv ran it. Last year i did the D33 as my first ultra and decided not to do it this year as it involved a nights stay in aberdeen and i thought the expense would be better used in a ultra in england over a bigger distance like caesurs camp endurance run 100 miler.
Today i was looking forward to running in the sun with shorts and t-shirt. So once i got out at 1pm it was no sun but shorts on and long sleeved top with a t-shirt on. I was going to do a ten miler as iv seemed to do 10 miles nearly every day this week, but i had to do the school run at 3pm so decided with 43ish miles this week i would do a 6 miler and make my mileage to 50 miles in 5 days. Sound right if your a runner and daft if ur not. So my run was canal / kelvin walkway / garscube estate / dawsholme and along through westerton forrest to my house in knightswood, giving me 6.67 miles and 50.38 miles for the week.
Tomorrow im working all day on my day off, in the sculpta clinic in the morning and labelle forme in the afternoon so if im hoping to get a run in, it will be early morning which might not happen but well see.

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Ran from work to glasgow green then along the clyde walkway to govan then ran through the clyde tunnel to victoria park, then headed through jordanhill to knightswood cross then home. Today's run was at 4.30 and the weather was great it wasnt that long ago we had snow, im really looking forward to my first ultra on the 9th april ( glasgow to edinburgh) 56miles along the forth and clyde and grand union canals.
mileage total 9.85 miles.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Ran from my house along the forth and clyde canal to anniesland crow road and through victoria park and round the back of scotstoun giving me 4.06 miles.
Andrew was the only athlete to come tonight so we did 3+300m in 45s 46s and 46s. The running track was getting busy when we had finished with the spec saver referees and the rugby guys in the infield.
Ran home via the back of scotstoun to victoria park onto crow road to great western road and past knightswood cross then home giving me 3.81 miles.
total mileage for night 7.87 miles
Total mileage for the day 14.3 miles.


Ran from my house at 6am to work along the forth and clyde canal, still not feeling great but alot better than mon / tuesday. Total of 6.43 miles.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Ran from work down to glasgow green and over the clyde river and through the clyde tunnel. Along through victoria park and up through jordanhill giving me 9.57 miles for the day.
Once again iv been feeling terrible with another throat infection and feeling quite miserable, but will try to keep jogging for jesus and try to keep my miles up and try not to hard while running i also need to try harder not to be grumpy.
Total mileage 9.57 miles.

Monday, 21 March 2011


Ran from work down to the clyde walkway and ran across the squinty bridge and headed through govan to the clyde tunnel and headed to scotstoun for my coaching session. 7.45 miles.
Tonights session was a 800m session of 2(3+300)m. The weather was milder tonight and it was almost light when i arrived.
Ran home at 8pm giving me 2.55 miles.Once home i felt terrible it had been very hot today in the operating theatre and everyone was sweating and having run twice with no drink i must have been a bit dehydrated.
Total mileage 10 miles. A good start to the week.

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Had a case in sculpta clinic this morning and today is our wedding anniversary so cant get for a run today, so another rest day.

Saturday, 19 March 2011


Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary and we are all going out for dinner so today has become a rest day.

Friday, 18 March 2011


House to forth and clyde canal to maryhill locks and along the river kelvin and dawsholme park / garscube estate and through westerton to my house.
Tolal mileage 6.62 miles.


Ran home along the clyde walkway and ran over to govan and through the the clyde tunnel.
Mileage.9.79 miles


Ran from work to scotstoun added a extra mile to my run. Gave andrew 4 + 80m  4+40m.
Claire/ caitlin  arrived and did 2 (4+200)m at 800m pace. Ran home the usual 2miles home.
mileage 6.98m and 2.55miles



Monday, 14 March 2011


Ran from work to coaching and at the end of the session i was frozen, after eventually my legs got going forward again i ran the 2 miles home. Session 6 + 120m.
Total mileage 7.89 miles

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Was working today in sculpta clinic so once again another rest day. I will restart training on monday with the focus of my first ultra of the year the glasgow to edinburgh double marathon on the 9 th april.


Did my first new shift in work today so took another rest day.

Friday, 11 March 2011


Rest Day today,
                        with my thoughts and prayers going to the people in japan and everyone else involved.


Rest day, my calf had got sore on thursday after my run so as training has been going well this week is becoming a easy week.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Ran from work to scotstoun as i get bored doing the same run i decided to run through the south side of glasgow and head for the clyde tunnel. First thing was i ran past pollockshields east train station got a bit lost and ended up running a bit further than i intended which is normally ok but not when your coaching at 7 pm.
The weather tonight was terrible so with only claire training outside the session was changed to 6 +150m, with andrew and david staying indoors.
Mileage 9.4 miles + 2.2miles.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Was going to run home but decided a rest day was best, having run the last 30 years it it still the hardest thing in my life to say im having a rest day !

Monday, 7 March 2011


Ran to scotstoun and back giving me 4.24 miles
Sessions Middle distance, 2 (4 + 200)m and sprinters 2 ( 5 +50)m.


Off work today so did my 10 mile loop round grt western rd, bearden and faifly, i dont run on this route very often so it was a nice dry day so i ran the loop in1hr 26 min 51sec. Mileage 10.41m and Avg HR/ 145.

Sunday, 6 March 2011


Up this morning at 6.45am and out the door 4 7.15 i was working in sculpa clinic in charing cross so my run really was jogging for jesus as my legs were quite sore from yesterday, so 5.89 miles and Avg HR 123.
After my 4 hr shift it was the sweaty running gear back on and run home via garscube estate giving me, 6.75 miles and Avg HR 125, as i said i did feel wrotten and tired so the HR really didnt give it away.
Not bad for a easy week, but i really did find this week to too hard.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

SATURDAY 5TH MARCH (pollock park 5k)

I havent ran the pollock park run for a while now so with no work commitement it was up at 7.30am and out the door 4 8am. I have been trying when im doing long  runs to run fasted, so with just a glass of orange i set off for the 8miles to pollock park my garmin gave me 7.36miles but adding the clyde tunnel which i guess is 0.6m so iv called it 8 miles. Avg. HR 132 in 68min 51sec.

Had a 15 min wait till the start of the race so jogged a bit and talked to joe doyle and lindsay Mcneil for a bit .My last race here was my pb so with a niggle in my calf from yesterday i was just going to run steady. I normally go to the back of all my races but i stood beside joe and lindsay and was quickly passed by a few people, as the race went on i was running comfortable but hardish and i came to the finish speeding up to not let the person behind me pass " very unlike me now". So my mile splits were, 6.54 / 6.58 / 7.05. Avg. HR 162.
My result was 53rd in 21min 19sec. PB.

After a quick drink of water with 2 vitamin c tablets still getting over the cold, i set back home via a wrong turn in pollock park and ran 8.10 miles home with the 0.6miles of the clyde tunnel for 8.7 miles in 78 min 24sec with Avg. HR 136. So in total 8 + 8.7 + 3.1 = 19.8 miles for the day.

Friday, 4 March 2011


Todays run was decided by my son who wanted a pokemon game, so i ran from my house to tesco in milngavie and back home again. Total mileage 7.16m average H/R. 141.
Got a twinge in my calf so my weekend plans may change, so the nigel barge may not be happening this year.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Finished work at 5pm and it was nice to run during the week in daylight, ran from work to the forth and clyde canal home. Due to having a light run monday and rest day tuesday i added a loop of 3 miles.
Total mileage, 9.14 and average H/R. 134


Ran from work to scotstoun, then home later giving me 8.27 miles and average H/R 130.
Coaching session 2 (50 +100 + 150 + 200)m. 400m pace session.



Monday, 28 February 2011


All my plans fell apart today due to having to go to the dentist, so my run to scotstoun was only 4.17 miles.Which in the end of the day my legs were thankfull and my head was to i think. Average H/R 127.
Todays session was 6 + 150m with a walk back recovery.


Sunday, 27 February 2011


Did a run at 12 noon my legs were heavy, ankles sore and still tired, so this was just going to be a recovery run which it was, my heart rate was 180 the first half mile and my average miling was 11min. This run was almost harder than my run yesterday but im sure i will feel the better tomorrow.
5.51 miles average H/R 127.


Awoke at 5am and got all my kit ready for a day out. My plan was to get the 05.55 sleeper train to bridge of orchy and run down to balmaha, giving me a 40.5 mile run. Todays run was my first long long run of the year, so my plan was to run steady to the top of loch lomond and see how i got on from there.My first 12 miles were all under 10m a mile, then my next 11 miles were all under 13m a mile.
My next and last 7.5 miles were all inside 16minute miles. I had a stop at rowerdenan hotel for a coke and extra water to the finish. I arrived at balmaha at 5.50pm and the bus was due at 6pm.I arrived home at 7.45 pm and had a large glass of wine by 8.15. Used my garmin 305 and the battery lasted 9hrs 30min so will try my next long run with the heart rate monitor and see how long it will run.
Total mileage 40.6 miles 9hrs 24m 44s

Friday, 25 February 2011


REST DAY (feeling a bit better).

Tomorrows plan was to run from bridge of orchy to fort william (36)m.
But having been unwell and with birthdays and working weekends iv decided to reverse my run and do bridge of orchy to balmaha. 35ish miles.
The reason for this means i will be home for 7pm rather than 10pm ish travelling from fort william at 7.10pm bus.So hope the cold is better tamara.