whw 19.02.10

whw 19.02.10
A cold winters morning.

Sunday, 29 May 2011


Got the 7.15am bus to bridge of orchy, arrived at 08.45 with a down pour in progress, so of i set with helly hansen top, winter rain jacket and shorts. I passed alot of walkers as i went up the first hill, i quickly arrived at inveraron hotel and headed along the tarmac road past victoria bridge car park.
Once i was through the gate, i was soon on the rannoch moore and the second down pour came with a very strong wind, arrived at glen coe ski car park where i had intented to stop, have a drink and some food. It was still awfull weather so kept going till kingshouse hotel where the sun had come out and i stopped at the bridge and had a quick bit to eat.
Started along the road section till u go off road, the rain started again for about a mile or so till the bottom of devils staircase and the sun had come out again. Headed up the staircase passing lots of walkers and once on top my first hail stones of the day turned up with a strong wind. On the descent into kinlochleven the sun had came out until the ice factory and another down pour arrived.
Sun had come out as i was leaving kinlochleven and started the long uphill from sea level to the top of the hill, this is the hardest hill of the west highland way so a sontered up eating fruit and drinking plenty of fluid. At the top of kinlochleven the track to lundvra is stony and undulating, after about 2 miles i felt awfull and could only just muster a walk, so sat on a rock for 2 minutes regrouped and felt better. Along this section i had 3 down pours with high winds, with one being hail stones.
Lundavra to fort william, the reason for this run today was to go over the route finish of the whw race on the 18th june, a lot of forrestry work had been done over the winter, so i wanted to see how it was for race day. After going through the first part of the forrest, no change except more mud ! i came through to a bare hillside where the forrest had been  and gone.Managed to get to the top and low and behold the forrest road to fort william. So a great day out in all weathers and a good recce for the end of the route for the 18th june.
Arrived at fort william train station at about 5.25pm and got the 5.37pm train home. I had booked the 7.16 bus, but i wanted to get home early as i could, so it cost  £24.30, but it was worth it when the kids got excited at me being home early. Running time 8hrs 20 min 28sec
Total mileage 36.1 miles.
Lessons learnt.
                       This was the first time id been on the whw in bad weather as i normally only pick to run when the weather is good, so i know what to expect if its not a nice on the 18th. Suzanne had got me small fruit pots that were great, so will be having them on race weekend. On the fling i used sis gels i liked them so will be using these as well. Sis carbo in my water on race day and last is my rice puddings as well.
My ruck sack was too heavy when running as i had 2 litres of fluid plus food and essentials. But once i had ajusted my straps it was slightly better and of course it got lighter as the day went by.

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