whw 19.02.10

whw 19.02.10
A cold winters morning.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Today i made arrangements to meet my brother derek and go to clydesdale harriers new venue for training at  Saint Peter's in clydebank. The facilitys in the school were excellent, the running track is closed off to joe public and only way in was through the school. The track was quite soft and the weather was perfect. A perfect venue for running with toilets close bye.
I met up with derek at his house and ran round the corner to the school, the senior athletes met outside and ran a 2.25m loop on the road as a warm up. Tonights session was 15 + 200m with a jog back infield to the start, i had intended doing 20 reps and derek had decided on 16 reps - why ? well my reason was when i did 200m reps it was always 20 reps and derek always did 16 reps. The session was alot harder than i thought due to a few reasons.
 (1) The last proper speed session done was 1994
 (2) I had intended doing a 200m jog recovery this wasabout 90m.
 (3) There were lots of bodys about so this made the session more competitive and intense.
My session was probably 41s average for the 20 200m reps and my warm down was 4 miles home with my head a little dizzy on the way home due to either trying to hard or maybe it was running round the track so much.
So verdict on the new venue PERFECT it will be a magnet for new recruits (kids) and with some publicity in the local papers about our new training facilities and easy to find the mighty DALE will be in good hands in years to come.
Sad news this week another harrier runner has left the dale ranks and joined another club, so whats my conclusion to all this stupidity i can only assume that tha radiation fallout from japan has arrived in clydebank and sent these athletes mad clydesdale harriers are one of the biggest clubs in scotland we have a great tradition in the club that has disappearedin recent years due to being evicted from our home in whitecrook and our winter headquarters the old swimming baths. I believe that the new track in clydebank is a great start to bringing back the good values which is installed in all the harrier runners in the past and good times are round the corner.
 It was great to see so many age groups together tonight and the clydesdale harriers training as a club again.
Total mileage. 8.91 miles.

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