whw 19.02.10

whw 19.02.10
A cold winters morning.

Friday, 14 January 2011


Monday's consists of leaving straight from work and running to scotstoun giving me a 6 mile run. The outdoor track was still closed so we trained indoors so after a chat we warmed up and did some stretching and mobility. After the kids finished there strides i decided to 6 + 60m concentrating on different aspects of the kids sprinting. After a break the second part of the session was 2 sets of back to back 40m with a 15second recovery between reps and 5 minutes between sets.
With the west district cc on sunday the 2 oldest kids rachel and steven went for a 2 mile warm down and it poured the whole 2 mile. So it was a quick chero and 2 more miles up the road home.
Total mileage 10 miles.

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