whw 19.02.10

whw 19.02.10
A cold winters morning.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

To Taper Or Not !

I have my next ultra on saturday, the highland fling. This race is one of my favourite races of the year and it will be my 5th time running the event. Last years race was going well till i was running down the nice section at conic hill on the path and lost my consentration then went over my ankle at 19 miles. I managed to get to the finish but it was later that i discovered i had a grade 3 twisted ankle with torn ligaments.

So do you taper when iv only got 50 odd days to the westhighland way race, well after my glasgow to edinburgh race, i had not tapered and did find it harder than it should have been. But i recovered alot quicker than before in this race. Cause the race is 53 miles i only need to run 22 miles monday to thurday to give me 75 miles for the week. So im coaching on monday and wednesday so plan is 10 miles each day and a jog for jesus on thursday.

Plans for the race,
                            I am probably fitter than iv been anytime doing ultra races, so will i do as the g2e and go at a steady pace or easy at the start with the plan being not to slow down as much, well i think that it will be plan (a)
 Steady at the start and make the most of the 7am start and a flatish 12 miles to drymen.

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