whw 19.02.10

whw 19.02.10
A cold winters morning.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Well here goes, in 2011 i trained harder than anyother year, the last being 1994.
My calf injury stayed away for most of the year.
The main thing last year was from january onwards, i raced alot of 5k park runs, with a 7.5m warm up and 7.5m warm down. My mileage was 60/70 miles a week.
I lost a bit of weight due to training hard, though i kept the carbs high with wine/beer.
Well, when i look back i actually a very good year racing.

Glasgow to Edinburgh,
 ran a pb, though i went off too fast and my ankle swelled up like a balloon in the last 8 miles or so.

Highland Fling,
ran a pb again ! with the day being very warm and getting rid of last years twisted ankle at 19miles. Then running 33 miles with a torn ligament and alot of pain killers.

WHW Race,
again, i ran a pb, in horrible wet, windy conditions.

Devil o The Highlands,
Again ! another pb, with it being a very hot day.

So what happened after the devil, why didnt i do the glenmore 24 hr race and keep the hard work of the year keep going. Well my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in both lungs and cancer of the throat as well. 50 years of smoking catches up eventually. My father passed away after 6 weeks of being diagnosed.
Sometimes u dont want to run, this was only the first time since i was 13 years old, i didnt want to run.
Now the wheels are on again, im training again, i cant wait to get fit again and im looking forward to another year racing and just jogging for jesus !

Hope everyone has a excellent 2012 and stay fit.

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