whw 19.02.10

whw 19.02.10
A cold winters morning.

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Got a phone call to ask if id work today in the afternoon in the harley medical group to do a vasor, as suzanne was taking the kids to a friends for lunch i decided to work. So as usual if im working i run to work and run back as well. The sun was shining and i left the house for 1.30pm i ran along the forth and clyde canal onto the kelvin walkway and stopped off to get a new pair of socks and some gels for my race on saturday. So i stopped of at achilles heel and had to wait 5 minutes to be ripped off for 11 pounds for a pair of socks, while i waited for my hard earned money to be passed on the place was jumping with people talking about running shoes and being natural or pronator or as i heard a chap say "well your feet arent slapping," all i can say is i hope the people in the shop all have good jobs cause i couldnt afford a pair of shoes out of there. I really dont see the point of someone paying £80 to £100 for a pair of shoes that they will wear for 10 to 20 miles a week in the summer.
I have this week invested in 3 pairs of new shoes 1 pair from sports direct £48 for a pair of cumulus 12, cheapest price on the internet and 2 pairs of shoes from mnm direct costing £55. Now im trying to decide which pair to wear on saturday but maybe i should have asked someone in achilles heel and they may have got me to buy a pair of high mileage top of the range trainers, cause im running 56 miles on saturday. Well having worn the 3 pairs iv decided to wear the cheapest pair cause they feel the best for the canal and for me, so maybe im old fashioned but when i run i just bloody run and god willing i get to the end of the race and i might have a couple of pounds left in my pocket cause i never bought my shoes out of achilles heel other wise known as DAY LIGHT ROBBERS and i can afford a pint at the end of my run.
So ran 5.5m to charing cross and back 5.9 miles
Total mileage 11.39 miles.

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